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Plain Labels

Plain labels are standard address or paper labels and over 85% of plain labels supplied are derived from paper although we offer clear and polyester and freezer labels that are also plain. There are some surfaces that create challenges for labels, and these include cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and bottles – for this reason there are a range of adhesives available – see below:

Permanent Adhesive – the purpose of this is so that the label can be stuck on a product and won’t be removed. This is the most used for packaging, shipping, and manufacturing and anything that requires permanent identification.

Extra Permanent Adhesive (also known as hi-tack) – this is a synthetic emulsion adhesive specially formulated for application to difficult surfaces; some of our plain labels are extra permanent.

Removable Adhesive – For removable plain labels that are also known as peelable labels. These are designed to be used when the label needs to be removed from the item or package at a later date without leaving any residue behind.

Freezer Adhesive – specially formulated adhesive that grips better as the surroundings chill down to deep freeze temperatures – for example on food items.

Our huge stock range of plain labels come with several finishes including:

Matt Uncoated Finish – the most common finish for paper labels, they tend to be multipurpose for Laser, Inkjet, Digital and Litho Printers.

Machine Coated Semi-Gloss Finish – this finish is the most popular for digital printing as it has a slightly glossy surface which produces quality printing results.

Cast Coated Full Gloss Labels – this is a high gloss finish for quality projects. These are mainly printed by laser methods however there is an inkjet material with glossy finish which is used for photo printing. See online for a range of gloss plain labels.

Coloured & Textured Finishes – There are several finishes in this area including grass labels, and labels for chemicals – see more about the available options here.

Traditional printing such as litho need the plain labels to be offset on an A4 sheet so the label has a minimum border of 11mm on 2 adjacent sides, this is often referred to as ‘grip & lay’ in the trade.

Plain Labels

Digital sheet printing needs labels to be centred on a sheet as no grip is required. Some offset layouts can be used if the labels are more than 6mm from the edge of the sheet. Where print is to go to the edge of label, the plain label should have a border of at least 2mm all around it.

Plain labels on rolls generally have a higher tack adhesive and, among other applications, these plain labels are great for thermal or direct thermal printers like a courier dispatch labels printer. An application like this for which plain labels are popular is the booming e-commerce industry.

The important thing with any plain labels requirement is to speak to us and let us advise you on the best solution! The majority of needs will have come up before and we are confident we can source bespoke or stock needs quickly for you.

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Plain Labels

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