SRA3 Printer Labels

SRA3 printers labels sheets are sized at 450 x 320mm and most commonly used by commercial printers. This is because there are cost savings to be made compared to printing standard size A3 printers labels sheets.

  • Available from stock with a range of die-cut sizes or solid sheets (many more options available made to order)
  • Comes in many different materials including both papers & synthetics

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SRA3 printers labels are on a sheet size of 450 x 320mm compared to A3 printer labels which is 420 x 297mm. It is essentially an oversized A3 sheet.

The advantages of using SRA3 sheets over against A4 are as follows

  • The cost of digital printing is based on a click charge (number of pages printed), immaterial of what size the sheet is. Therefore, printing SRA3 sheets instead of A4 halves the click charge.
  • The cost per square meter is less for SRA3 compared to the equivalent material in A4.
  • Other small savings can be made in set up and printing time.

Most printed sheet labels would be finished as A4 size. The range that is available to order online has crop marks which can be used as guides to cut down to an A4 sheet.

Most SRA3 sheets are printed digitally, therefore, as standard they come with a machine coated semi-gloss finish. However, many different label materials, finishes and adhesives can be supplied on SRA3 printers labels sheets.

The most popular SRA3 sheet has no die-cuts and either single or multiple backsplits, so they can be cut down to any size label or shape and consequently the backsplits make it easier to peel off the release liner.