Coloured & Textured Labels

Break away from standard white labels, and move to the vast array of coloured and textured labels. There are many different options when it comes to coloured and textured labels which includes:

  • Standard and pastel colours – The most popular use of standard colours is to identify or distinguish between similar products by type, age or colour, etc. It is a quick, visual check that can be recognised easier than text.
  • Fluorescent – these labels add more vibrancy of colour so is more eye catching. Warning notices, important advertisements, etc.
  • Gold and Silver Metallic – More decorative. Used for primary labelling tasks
  • Brown kraft labels and antique white laid labels – perfect for wine bottle labels beer from a microbrewery and other decorative uses.

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Coloured Labels

Labels can be supplied in any different pantone colour on rolls or sheets. This is due to the process of colour-washing (also known as flood coating). Colourwashing is usually done using flexographic printers as this produces a good coverage of colour, however once colourwashed they can not be over printed by inkjet.

The Red, Blue, Green and Yellow material that is available from stock on A4 sheets is made out of a coloured pulp. The benefit of this compared to labels that have been colourwashed are;

  • Guaranteed for inkjet printing.
  • Have an element of opacity as the adhesive side is coloured, therefore in some cases can be used as an opaque label for covering up.

Other colours that are available from stock on A4 sheets have been colourwashed; Pink, Orange, Cream, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Red and Fluorescent Yellow.

Coloured labels are often used for identification and marking. These labels are commonly used in warehouses for labelling of pallets, so that the pallets can be identified from a distance. Another use is for stock taking, where a different coloured label is used for each stock take, as it is a very good visual indicator to show stock turnaround and the age of the stock.

Gold and Silver labels are also available from stock in A4 sheets. See our stock range online. These metallic labels greatly enhance products and will add unique refinement to mailings, etc.

Textured Labels

There are a number of common materials that would be classified as textured labels and again they are available on either rolls or sheets, some of these include;

Brown Ribbed Kraft Labels

These are often used for products that are handmade or have a similar kraft feel to them. Due to the process in which they are made these labels are environmentally friendly. They biodegrade quickly and are even compostable. Shop online for A4 Brown Kraft Labels

Antique White Laid Labels

Antique white laid labels are made from a narrow ribbed paper which has a subtle, faded ‘antique’ white colouring. Primarily, this label material exists for using on ‘wine bottles’ as it has a permanent adhesive and can be immersed in ice buckets or chillers.

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Many other textured materials are available, contact us for more details.