Peel & Reveal Labels

Multi-page booklet labels (aka peel and reveal labels) gives the manufacturer and brand owners opportunity to advertise the product and include other necessary information such as warnings, and legal communications all within the same footprint of a standard product label. They are available in a number of different options:

  • Multi-page fold out style label (the original booklet format)
  • Concertina style labels
  • Wet peel labels

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Multi-page booklet labels or peel and reveal labels are designed so information can be communicated in a clear and legible fashion without detracting from the product presentation.

What are the benefits of these labels?

  • Include more information in a small space, there are multiple options for presentation and the number of pages – see below for more detail.
  • Many products require the communication of legislative compliance, these labels provide ample space to include dosage information, warning signs, chemical hazards and much more.
  • The extra space and quality of the print ensures that all information and images contained are legible and easy to read
  • Unlike loose leaflets, the necessary instructions and warnings stay attached to the product and will also remain with the product so the end-user can refer to it when needed.
  • If products are being exported, booklet labels provide the space required for multiple languages.

There are also a variety of options when it comes to multi-panel labelling.

  • Multi-page fold-out style label is the original booklet format, these labels may contain up to 120 pages of extra information. These labels tend to be used where the information is only required to be read once.
  • Concertina style labels can be resealed for further use and the inside leaflet can be pulled out and then re-closed.
  • Wet peel labels are designed to be resealed so they can be referred to repeatedly. The durable laminated material used means that the labels are water and chemical resistant, so they can be used for liquids, cosmetics and other chemicals.

Additional Features

Other features can be added to peel & reveal labels such as

  • Tactile warning triangles
  • Braille
  • Security/anti-counterfeit elements
  • Promotional items such as vouchers, scratch off panels or enclosed give-away products.