Removable Labels

There are many different types of removable labels  with peelable adhesives available, the 3 common types are;

  • Standard Removable
  • Glass Removable
  • Repositionable Labels

Other adhesives such as water wash-off adhesive can be classed as a removable, please see more on this in our guide below.

This type of labels come in many different formats, whether on rolls or sheets, paper materials or synthetics and polyester; please contact us for more information on 01270 766566.


Removable labels, also known as peelable labels, are designed to be used in situations where the label needs to be removed from the item or package at a later date without leaving any residue behind. There are different types of removable labels, please see our guide to them below:

Standard Labels

These generally can’t be reused once the label has been removed. Once removed the labels don’t leave any noticeable residue however with glass, residue can sometimes be seen, therefore glass removable adhesive is recommended.

Labels For Glass

As mentioned these are designed to leave no residue on the glass, all other properties are the same as standard removable labels. This is also the case with ultra-removable adhesives which is sometimes used instead of static-cling adhesive, however, ultra-removable and glass removable labels can’t be repositioned.

Repositionable Labels

The adhesive is specially designed so that the label can be removed and repositioned at least once. Post-it notes would be an example of this technology. They can be reused several times.

Water Wash-Off Labels

These use a general-purpose permanent adhesive but is designed to wash off with hot water. Therefore, it can only be classed as removable if it is being adhered to a washable item. This adhesive is used in the bottling industry as the labels can be washed off easily without leaving any residue so the glass bottles can be reused.

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