Clear Labels

Clear labels are commonly used in situations to enhance products giving them the invisible ‘no-label’ look, as the print stands out against the background of the product colour or to work as a laminate. We are a leading supplier of clear labels for an array of food, packaging and industrial clients with large stocks and fast dispatch UK-wide.

Clear labels are:

  • Mostly made from synthetic, waterproof materials.
  • Supplied on both sheets or rolls.
  • Available pre-printed or plain.

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Clear labels have become increasingly popular over the last few years as synthetic materials have become more stable and now last longer in more exposed conditions. We are a longstanding supplier of a considerable range of labels and have set out some uses and guidance here.

There are many different ways to use clear labels, some common uses are as follows:

  • Enhance products giving them the ‘no-label’ look. To achieve this look, choose the right finish that matches the product. Labels are available with either a matt or gloss finish from stock.
  • Used as a laminate for protection. They can be stuck over paper labels, sensitive data, holographic logos and other security print. This can help in preventing them being damaged by tampering, vandalism or even from the weather. Labels can be part laminated which is a process during the manufacture of the label that the laminate is only stuck on a small part of the label. The label underneath can be written upon then the rest of the laminate is stuck down.

The range of A4 labels that are available from stock includes the following:

Clear Gloss Polyester Labels

These are waterproof, weather and oil resistant. They are top of the class with a polyester backing sheet to provide maximum stability when printing so that the sheet will not curl. Suitable for use in digital, laser or litho printers, not guaranteed for inkjet printers. (See our range of A4 Gloss Clear Labels online).

Clear Inkjet Polyester Labels

These labels similar to gloss clear polyester however, this material is only guaranteed for inkjet printing. It also has a kraft paper backing sheet and can be seen in more detail here: A4 Inkjet Clear Labels.

Paper Translucent Labels

A cheaper alternative clear label that is great for use where durability isn’t required. Often used for address labels on coloured envelopes giving the ‘no-label’ look.

All three materials come in a range of sizes including standard Avery compatible formats plus some circles. They are plain and supplied on A4 sheets ready for overprinting. Word document and PDF templates are available to assist with the overprinting set-up.

Many different types of printed labels are available on rolls. When printing digitally you have the option to print CMYK + white which is usually required when printing direct onto a clear material. This is because the print will look faded compared to printing onto a white background. This may not be always be a problem as it largely depends on what the label is being applied to. Window stickers are another example of what printed labels would be used for.

Cleartabs are also available, these are clear polypropylene labels that are plain, unprinted and supplied on rolls.