Security Labels & Tamper Proof Labels

With our security labels range there is physical evidence that there has been an attempt to remove the tamper evident label from the product. There are 3 main materials used for this level of security labels:

  • ‘VOID’ Permanent Labels
  • ‘VOID’ Removable Labels
  • Ultra-Destruct Labels

Please read more about how each material is used in tamper proof labels across the various industries in our ‘Security Labels Guide’ below or contact us to discuss your particular challenge on 01270 766566 

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Security Labels Guide

‘VOID’ Permanent Labels

These are tamper evident labels and are used as security label seals and asset labels. If the labels are removed the word ‘VOID’ will be visible on the applied surface and the label.

Security Seals

These labels are used where there is a need to securely seal a high value or medical product in its packaging or to protect a piece of equipment from being tampered with. The factor in these situations is that it is obvious when a seal has been removed and appropriate action can be taken. Examples include preventing theft or substitution of products in the retail sector, identifying if a piece of medical equipment has been used or not and protection of manufacturer’s warranties and so on.

Identifying Assets

These help to keep an up-to-date asset resister in larger organisations. A label, with a unique number, will be fixed to a piece of equipment which corresponds with the same number in the register. Generally, asset labels are tamper proof to prevent asset swapping and equipment tampering. The label will clearly show that it has been tampered with should there be any attempt to reapply the label.

‘VOID’ Removable Labels

These are a relatively new technology in security labels that has some very specific uses. Upon removal of the label the VOID message can be read on the label, but there is no residue or mark left on the product. Therefore these labels are used in situations that require temporary security and protection, examples are as follows;

Temporary Protection Labels.

For example, if a hospital room is deep cleaned or sterilised, these security labels can seal the door shut. When the room is next to be used it will obvious if the door has been opened or not since it has been cleaned. Therefore, preventing the spread of infection without any damage to fixtures and fittings.

Cameras Cover Labels For High Security Areas.

This is quite a specific use but very effective. People taking phones into high security areas or where sensitive information is present will have their cameras covered with a VOID removable label. On exiting, the labels can be examined and if the label has been removed then cameras can be confiscated or checked.

Labels used as car passes or parking permits. In this situation the label itself is the valuable item so ‘VOID’ removable material is used to prevent fraud. Any attempt to reapply the label to another vehicle will be evident as the word ‘VOID’ will be seen on the label itself. There is no damage or residue left on the vehicles.

Security Labels

Ultra-Destruct Labels

Used as a theft deterrent as they are made from a special vinyl material which is fragile and has a very strong adhesive so they cannot be removed once applied. These tamper evident labels will fragment or break up should there be any attempt to remove it.

These labels have become popular in the pharmaceutical industries over the last couple of years. In January 2020 it became mandatory for medicines to have a unique identifier (eg. a  barcode) and anti-tampering labelling on the outer packaging. This was introduced to help manufacturers, wholesalers and logistics service providers within the pharmaceutical industry combat the increase in counterfeit medicines.

The anti-vandal aspect of ultra-destruct material makes them popular for use in schools, colleges, academies and universities for signage. Not only is it apparent if the label or sign has been tampered with, it is extremely difficult to remove completely.