Heat Resistant Labels

Heat resistant labels are used in many high-temperature situations and can be very complex in structure as they are subject to increasing temperatures. The heat resistant labels that are stuck on to hot steel after it is rolled, can withstand temperatures of up to 125°C!!

As labels are a vital part of identification, traceability and safety procedures it is of utmost importance that they don’t fall off. Therefore, a number of different types of heat resistant labels have been developed

  1. Labels applied at ambient temperature and then heated up afterwards.
  2. Labels that are applied when the product is already at a high temperature.
  3. Where the product is heated up and cooled down time and again.



Where high temperatures are a factor with a product e.g. central heating boilers, we have labels available that can withstand these temperatures. We can bring our expertise in this field to bear on your specific needs and help, simply call us on 01270 766566 to discuss.

Generally speaking, waterproof vinyl labels withstand higher temperatures than paper labels. However, that is not always the case. Where heat is involved, the label, including all the components – the material, adhesive, print and finishing are very specific depending on temperature range, application temperature, time spent in that environment and so on.

From the three synthetic labels in the waterproof section, polyester is a good all-around material for use on boilers and in ovens, etc. Anything above this temperature range (120°C) would require specialist materials depending on the variables in the above paragraph.