Address Labels

Address labels are the familiar, pre-cut self-adhesive paper labels on A4 sheets; PFW Labels are a leading supplier of a large range of this type of label.

  • Available with standard templates and label layouts on backing sheets.
  • Common sizes range from 65 address labels per sheet to 1 label per sheet.
  • Plain paper label sheets designed to be run through office printers.
  • Multipurpose labels that are suitable for digital, inkjet, laser and litho printers.

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Address Labels are often known as Avery labels or Laser labels both of which are loose terms for die cut and butt cut A4 sheets of self-adhesive paper labels. These labels are ideal for e-commerce and postal dispatch companies to ensure accurate deliveries and quick and easy labelling.

Multipurpose Labels are suitable for use in all sheet-fed printers, so an ideal solution for those that require printing in-house using standard office printers such as laser, copier or inkjet.

There are many standard formats of labels available from stock at PFW Labels, but where bespoke is required, they can be produced in almost any shape or size. When it comes to the size of labels on sheets, there is a wide scope available to buy online, ranging from 270 labels per A4 sheet to 1 label per A4 sheet. Therefore the use of this type of labels is very extensive, including for envelopes and parcels right through to pallets or containers.

Also used in manufacturing and industry as secondary labelling of products. (See our blog post about primary and secondary labelling)

Word and PDF templates are available online for all address labels sizes and finishes.