Resin Domed Labels

Resin domed labels are used for product labels and brand identity. The domed sticker allows your brand to stand out from the crowd.

As well as beautiful and durable branding, here are some further points about resin domed labels

  • Manufactured from white or metallic vinyls.
  • Scratch and shatter-proof resin coating
  • Strong adhesion
  • Water resistant
  • Non-yellowing

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Resin domed labels (also known as a bubble badges or cushioned labels) is a tactile product designed to create additional impact due to its high gloss, three-dimensional resin coating. Perfect as a marketing label or badge to promote a brand, company logo or company details.

Resin domed stickers are made from a base label of white or metallic vinyl. They are printed with full colour, high resolution digital printing and then they can be cut to any shape and size. A clear liquid resin is syringed onto the label, which runs out to the edges, forming to the shape of the label. Internal and external corners must include a small radius to ensure resin coverage and surface tension prevents the resin from running off.

Uses of Resin Domed Labels

The finished resin coating is very hard wearing and there are many applications where this is required, such as healthcare, fitness, and other equipment. Coffee machines, ticket vending machines, plant hire tools, sports gear and a multitude of other similar products often use resin domed labels to combine the hard-wearing feature with a high-quality appearance and clear branding.

Resin Domed Labels

As standard, domed decals include a standard permanent adhesive. However, for higher performance surfaces with low tension or extreme environments, different grades of adhesive can be provided. The labels are water resistant and do not change colour with age.

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