Integrated Patch Labels

Integrated labels are A4 sheets of paper with a label, or labels, patched into the sheet.

  • They can be supplied plain and are fully overprintable, with many standard designs available from stock to match software of well-known e-commerce and postal companies such as Royal Mail, E-Bay, Amazon, etc.
  • The standard designs can be supplied printed with logos and information but still overprintable, as above.
  • More complex finished products include membership cards, parking permits, medical applications and many more.

See below for more detail and images on labels of this type that we supply and call us on 01270 766566.

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Integrated Labels are essentially a self-adhesive label contained within a plain piece of A4 paper. The plain patch labels are mainly used for dispatch notes, returns, picking lists, etc. especially for businesses in the ecommerce sector.

There are many different combinations of integrated labels available. The most common layouts are compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Hermes, Etsy, Royal Mail and many more.

The process is not just limited to one label. Multiple labels, Perforations and bullet labels can also be included.

Other uses for Patch Labels include Membership Cards, Licenses, ID Tags, NHS Label Sheets and Parking Permits. These uses would be a more specialised process and can include lamination, full colour printing, more durable materials, security printing (e.g. holographic) and so on

The potential for integrated labels is so varied and wide ranging. So, there is more to it than just cheap, off-the-shelf labels. Contact us to find out more options.