Packaging Tape

Saving time in dispatch is a must. In an increasingly competitive world of business, any time saved is money saved. Consider the time saved of 100 people replacing empty tape guns 2.25 times less by using longer (not larger) rolls. Welcome to E-tape!

The benefits of E-tape+ over against standard tape are…

  • Unique 150m length, reducing the number of roll changes and down-time
  • Reduces overall waste by 56%
  • Less storage space is required

Special e-tape Plus tape dispensers available to order.

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E-tape+ packaging tape is available from stock in both clear and buff (brown).

The packing tape is supplied on a 50mm inner core and there is 150m of tape on each roll. This is more cost effective than most standard tapes that are supplied with only 66m per roll as it reduces the number of roll changes and down time. The smaller core means that the volume of the roll is exactly the same as the 66m rolls. Storage space and waste is consequently reduced by 56%.

A free dispenser is supplied with the first order of E-tape+ and extra dispensers are available.

There are many different materials & adhesives available when it comes to packaging tape, this would depend on the durability required. E-tape+ is a very cost-effective option and is the most popular as it is a very versatile tape. Other options are available, contact us to discuss.

The packaging tape is supplied in boxes of 36 rolls per box.