Opaque Labels

Opaque labels or blockout labels as they are commonly known, serve the purpose of covering incorrect or irrelevant text and print so that it cannot been seen through the label. These labels:

  • Have an opaque black or blue coating on the reverse side
  • Feature an aggressive permanent adhesive
  • Are available on sheets or rolls.

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The purpose of opaque labels is to completely block out any information or graphics behind the label. This is possible as the label has an opaque, black or blue coating on the reverse side of the label.

The adhesive on these labels is an aggressive permanent adhesive as they are designed to cover unwanted information, consequently there should be no need to remove the label once applied. This means in the right conditions, subject to testing, blockout labels can be used to cover confidential information.

Uses of These Labels

Uses include covering incorrect addresses, phone numbers, manufacturer’s details, typos and other unwanted information. This can be a great benefit where the cost to reproduce the brochure, leaflet or custom packaging is prohibitive.

Opaque labels are available in die-cut sheet format with the option of a matt or gloss finish. They are truly multipurpose; suitable for inkjet, litho, digital and laser printing.

They are also readily available on rolls; either plain or printed, on paper or synthetic materials. Some of our standard coloured labels on sheets (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green) have an element of opacity as they are made from a pulp, so the adhesive side is also coloured making them useful for covering up.