Floor Marker Stickers

Floor marker stickers (also known as floor graphics) are rugged self-adhesive vinyl labels designed for use internally, suitable for most hard floors and some low pile carpets. The stickers are:

  • Very hard wearing,
  • Have an anti-slip surface for safety
  • Use a standard R-9 adhesive.

This type of labels are commonly used for eye-catching advertising, social distancing and other instructions.

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Floor marker stickers and floor graphics are self-adhesive vinyl labels traditionally used for eye-catching advertising. Recently, they are being used for social distancing signage, directional arrows and stop signs in shops, offices and other places where people attend.

All floor graphics are made from a hard-wearing, anti-slip vinyl which is designed to last 6-12 months dependent on traffic. They can be washed and easily replaced.

There are adhesive options, the most common being standard R-9 adhesive which is recommended for indoor use only.

See our range of social distancing floor stickers online! and dedicated rapid test kits website.