Printed Roll Labels

There are a number of methods suitable for printing roll labels. The method used depends on many different factors including print required, label size and shape, quantity etc…

  • Digitally Printed (CMYK) and Laser Cut Roll Labels – No printing plates or cutter charges
  • Flexographic Roll Labels – Spot colour printing
  • Thermally Printed Labels – 1 Colour Printing

Read more information below and check out our guide to quoting and ordering these labels.

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There are millions of uses for printed roll labels, thousands of options to choose from and consequently many different ways to print and cut them.

As with all things, the processes have sprung out of customer demand and with ever more sophisticated technology the methods are becoming more flexible and cost-effective.

Methods Of Printing

Flexographic Printing (Flexo) is the most common method of printing roll labels. Machines can print up to 8 colours (including spot colours and four colour process), can laminate in-line and slit the rolls all in one pass. These machines have a long set up & wash-down process. Printing plates are required for every different job. Short label runs are not economical on this account but there does come a point where the volume means it becomes more cost-effective than digital print.

Digital Printing is taking an increasing sector of the market as the demand for short-run, high-quality labels is growing. This method will print full-colour images onto a label substrate, straight from electronically supplied artwork. This makes the set-up time of the print very quick, and the quality is exceptional. The need for printing plates is also eliminated. In the main, most labels will still need to be finished by a separate process. Finishing includes die-cutting, rolling to correct sized rolls & further laminating, etc. There are two main methods of digital print:

  • Inkjet – This is as it sounds, ink is applied via a jet process. Inks tend to be more hardwearing and enduring than toner-based print so can be used outdoors. UV inks are especially recommended for outside use.
  • LaserToner Based printing method which also gives very good quality printing results.

The Future Is Digital

The most advanced method is digital inkjet printing with laser die cutting which is cost-effective as it removes the need for printing plates and die-cutting tools. It also gives the added flexibility of shaped labels. There are not many limitations on the size as anything can be made from 20mm up to 300mm width and from 20mm to approx. 800mm in length. The quality of the print is now excellent. There are many options which include polypropylene, silver, clear materials, laminating, varnishing, removable adhesive, permanent adhesive and much more.

Take a look at the video below of a label order being produced for one of our many customers: