About Us


Our mission is to…

1. Help our Customers to Succeed

We care about our customers and want them to prosper. Supplying resellers takes a lot of forethought and care if we are to see all parties prosper. We all know that business is not always about who can sell the cheapest. We strive to help our customers succeed by helping them choose the right product every time, giving the right advice every time and having the products delivered on time every time. This saves the customer time, resource and avoids costly errors, consequently, saving them money. We favour lifelong business partnerships to one-off high profit deals. There is an expression called Win-Win. Our business partnerships are just that.

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2. Work Smart to Reduce Lead Time & Ensure Continuity of Supply

Part of our company vision is to give our suppliers an excellent experience. This is partly because a good relationship with a supplier will in turn be reflected in a good relationship with our customers. Managing expectations and communicating in a clear way is vital to all relationships. Sometimes delays & shortages can’t be avoided. Our assurance to you, our customer, is that we are continually working on improving lead times and ensuring continuity of supply.

3. Continue to have Stock available for Rapid Despatch

2020 was a great example of a time when the company that had the stock got the order. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic demand of certain products outstripped supply in mammoth proportions. Goods were not needed next month or next week but immediately. In a less dramatic fashion this is the case with every product. Large investment in stock means that most of our products can be despatch the same day as order. We will ‘make and hold’ product taking the burden of cost of goods and storage away from our customers.

4. Deliver Technical Support immediately

All our staff are highly trained in all aspects of labels. Visit our Case Study page to see real examples of this. This involves an in-depth knowledge of materials, adhesives, printers, applications, print finishing, etc. We have produced product guides to help in many aspects but our staff are only a phone call away. We often contact our customer’s own customers on their behalf to talk through a problem. We do whatever is needed to provide an excellent level of support. We provide marketing support, web-shop page support, training for all of our label products.

Company History

PFW Labels has its roots in a company that was set up in 1985 selling fax rolls. This company was called Paperfax Wholesale. This business grew and continued for some years while the market was buoyant until traditional fax rolls began to be replaced by the use of standard A4 paper in fax machines.

The original owners, in looking for another line to sell, saw a need in the market for the supply of unprinted A4 sheet labels to the stationery and printing trades. In 1996, PFW Labels was formed (an abbreviation of Paperfax Wholesale) running alongside the fax roll sales until that finally finished in 2003 with the demise of the fax roll supplier.

PFW Labels grew fast in the late 1990’s. There were successes achieved in sales of standard white labels for copiers and laser printers; a range was created for the print industry; stocks of coloured, fluorescent, polyester and clear labels were built up. The business continued to grow and by 2001 it was emerging as a market leader. The year 2002 was to be a major year of change.

Firstly, in view of winning more business, a label convertor was installed at the Stafford premises. It converted reels of self-adhesive laminate to die-cut A4 sheets and incorporated a single colour print station. Manufacturing in-house meant PFW Labels as a label manufacturer were immediately able to move to the next level. Secondly, the owner’s family decided to emigrate. This resulted in a change of ownership which led to the present family run entity.

During 2003 the business relocated to the present premises in Sandbach, Cheshire. This enabled PFW to become the stockist of the largest range of A4 sheet labels as well as more specialist SRA3 labels. Our range has continued and expanded, catering for new departures such as labels for digital print technology.

The 21st century has seen many changes and advancements in printing and label technology, so our offering has continued to grow exponentially. We not only pride ourselves in the vast product range available but our ability to look after our customers and provide the continuity of supply & service. In 2009 we installed a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which greatly improved the service we offered to our customers at this time. In more recent years we have introduced additional systems including Sales-I Reporting and Pipedrive so we can keep up to date with our customers trends and offer a greater service.

Following the rebrand in 2011/12 we introduced a new web shop, allowing our customers to order online. This was a great success and has continually been updated since. In 2020, our current site was launched as a way to share our knowledge of labels and help our customers in their quest for success. Showing our commitment to our customers during a very turbulent year.

The latest change to our product offering came from the increase of thermal roll labels. We listened to the feedback we were being given at the time and in 2019 we introduced a large range of stock thermal roll labels. This was the launch of our brand Thermalrite. This change proved to be a turn in our offering to packaging and stationery wholesalers.

Now moving forwards, we remain committed to:

  • Customer care,
  • Quality products,
  • Research & development of new products,
  • Competitiveness in an ever-changing market.