Parcel Warning Labels

Parcel warning labels are a health & safety requirement, used for the purpose of warning people who are manual handling parcels, of the potential risk of injury or potential risk to the goods contained in the parcel itself.

  • A range of standard sizes and designs are available from stock.
  • Mostly made from semi gloss paper with a permanent adhesive
  • Supplied on rolls for easy detachment and application.

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Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. These injuries can have serious consequences for the person injured and the employer. The two main factors to minimise this risk is firstly, training and secondly, that parcels are clearly labelled.

Did you know that the health & safety executive (H.S.E) strongly recommends that any parcel over 15kgs should be labelled ‘HEAVY’ while any parcel over 25kgs should be labelled as a ‘2-PERSON LIFT’?

Parcel Warning Labels are used to instruct persons as to how to handle the parcel should they contain fragile or high-value goods. Damage to parcels can potentially have huge cost implications. It is in everyone’s best interest that parcels are labelled clearly to ensure that the parcel is handled with care.

There is a standard range of parcel labels available and this includes the following sizes 108x79mm, 89x32mm and 148x50mm. Other sizes or bespoke designs are available if required.