Postage Labels / Franking Labels

There are a number of different franking labels available for postage and mailing, these include.

  • A4 integrated Labels
  • Address Labels on Sheets
  • Thermal Roll Labels
  • Franking Labels

What type of label you require depends on your method for postage. Please read more below.

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As with most things, the purchase of postage online is on the rapid increase. Most mail that is received will have a printed label on rather than a stamp. There are several standard label templates that are recognised by Royal Mail.

A4 integrated label with 1 per sheet

This template would allow for both the postage label and the customer invoice or delivery note on the same sheet. (PL160105)

A4 sheet labels with 4 labels per sheet

These are available with either rounded corners (ULL4) or square corners (CLO4), the option is available on Royal Mail to print 1, 2 or 4 labels at a time. This template would mostly be used when printing multiple labels where the despatch note or invoice is printed separately.

6×4 inch (101x152mm) Thermal Labels

These labels are printed using desktop thermal printers. These labels are again used for printing postage labels when other paperwork is printed separately.

Franking labels are printed on by franking machines when the envelope can’t be directly printed onto, so they would most commonly be used on small or large parcels. There is a range of different available sizes in stock to suit the various franking machines.

The franking labels available to order online are compatible with several franking machines:

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Neopost
  • Frama
  • Francotyp-Postalia