Freezer Labels

The adhesive used for freezer labels is designed to withstand freezing temperatures once applied, unlike some standard permanent labels which would fall off when used in extreme cold conditions.

  • Freezer labels are commonly used in the food and medical industries.
  • Both synthetic and paper labels are available with freezer adhesive.
  • Supplied on sheets or rolls.

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There are many factors to consider when you need freezer labels for labelling of frozen goods or goods to be frozen.

  • Some labels are designed to be stuck on at ambient (room) temperatures and then the adhesive is cured by the freezing temperatures after application. If these labels were applied to frozen goods, the adhesive would not cure and they would drop off easily.
  • In some cases, the goods will need to be frozen before the label is applied, therefore there are materials available that can be stuck directly onto frozen goods. However, application to transient layers of ice should not be attempted.

Our range of labels that are available from stock have a service temperature range from -35°C to +60°C and a minimum application temperature of 0°C. These labels are an uncoated paper material and have an acrylic emulsion adhesive designed to operate at low deep freeze temperatures.

If freezer labels are used at room temperature (ambient) the label only forms a semi-permanent bond. As the temperature decreases the bond becomes stronger and has a definite permanence.

Trials are recommended, particularly if handling large volumes. Samples are readily available and we have many years of experience to hand in this market.