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As a family run labels manufacturer, PFW Labels are a dynamic and established business with a great deal of expertise and experience in the supply of a huge range of self-adhesive labels and label converting solutions across foodservice, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, call centres, offices and distribution on rolls or sheets.

You can see our factory’s in-house laminator for labels in the video below:

Whether your need heat resistant or freezer-proof labels or plain address labels, resin bubble decals, printing labels and stickers, opaque or piggyback labels you will find PFW Labels have a solution and in many cases have probably handled the situation before.

Labels For Food And Drink

Food labelling is uppermost consideration in the mind of the food manufacturer or brand so that the label on the product conveys the value and experience that is contained in the food or beverage contents. We have many years of label manufacturing experience in food related projects.

Labels For Pallets And Parcels

Our vast range of labels for use on parcels in the e-commerce, distribution and shipping industry, whether it be address labels, postage labels, pallet labels or hazard warning labels along with direct thermal print labels compatible with Brother and Dymo label printers.

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Labels For Prescriptions

Pharmacy labels to detail dosage for prescriptions are a legal requirement for medicine dosage details, name and address of patient, date of issue and storage instructions of the medication. Let us help you with this and security labels solutions for the pharmaceutical and vaccines trade.

Labels For Deep Freeze

Our range of freezer labels are available from stock and have a service temperature range from -35°C to +60°C. These freezer labels are manufactured on uncoated paper and have an acrylic emulsion adhesive designed to operate at deep freeze temperatures.

Labels For Drugs And Medicines

In 2011 the European Union introduced a directive to protect patients from receiving medicines that may appear authentic but are actually not so. With our huge levels of experience we are a reliable partner for all types of labels for medicines and drugs.

Labels for Direct Thermal Print

Direct thermal labels from PFW have a specially formulated chemical coating which in the presence of high temperature turns black. Our direct thermal labels are compatible with a number of well-known label printers like Brother, Dymo and Seiko.

Labels For Barcodes

Barcode labels are vital for everyday life across the UK, this type is a label that carries a barcode for product recognition and stock control and often includes a human readable number. Among our large range we also offer both removable labels and security labels with tamper-proof features.

Chemical Hazard Labels

Labels for chemicals are highly regulated because of the potential danger to humans and the environment that come from some chemicals. We stock pre-printed hazard warning labels to buy online and can help with any bespoke requirements.

Recyclable Labels

We strive to meet the increasing demand for recyclable eco labels with options for compostable labels and those made themselves with paper that is 100% recycled and from grass paper with 30% sun-dried grass content.

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Bottle And Jar Labels

There are many different considerations whether for wine, beer, whisky, ingredients, chemicals or preserves and soups and multiple options of adhesive and face stock when it comes to jars and bottle labels.

Window Sticker Labels

Window stickers and floor markers display your brand in a robust fashion and are designed to be stuck on the inside of the window for people to read on the outside – thus spreading awareness.

At PFW Labels we offer dozens of other solutions from franking labels to freezing labels, labels for digital printing and stickers for parcel contents warnings and we look forward to discussing your needs soon.

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