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The Difference between Primary and Secondary Labelling

Primary Labelling 

As shown in the illustration above there are different types of labels used for different purposes albeit both relate to the same product. Primary Labelling relates to the label on the product itself. It is a label of high quality, printed with branding, varnished, embossed, shaped and all other manner of refinements. It is to enhance and to promote the product. Much of the perceived value is in the label. E.g. branded goods, wines, clothing, jams, etc. 

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Secondary Labelling 

As shown above, this is more of an informative label which is stuck on the outer, or bulk, box to give information as to the contents. It would show product code, quantity, weight, barcode and many other pieces of information. It is not usually designed to sell the product itself but does serve a very important purpose.  

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