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CASE STUDY – Packaging & Distribution

Packaging Company in the UK, 33 Million Turnover last year, and 36 Million projected this year.  

In the past this company have tended to stay away from labels as it is not their speciality but to achieve the growth they wanted for 2019 they wanted to include labels in their offering to existing customers.  

Having identified that they needed a label supplier they chose to partner with PFW and send us all the enquiries to deal with rather than shop around for each individual label enquiry which enables them to spend more time customer focused.  

As a dedicated partner, we visited the packaging company to plan what we were going to do and the way forward together. 

The first & most important step we take when partnering with companies is to allocate a dedicated Account Manager to ensure they are looked after as priority. All sales reps were given catalogues and contact details for their dedicated account manager. 

Product mailers were created with their company details & logo which they have used to email round to clients and also to display in their collection depots.  

When enquiries come through, the internal & external team will send through any enquiries with the details that they have (often including samples) to their PFW account manager who will prepare the quote & supply samples if required.  

Open price negotiations will normally happen because it is important to us both that all parties involved come to a mutually beneficial deal. 

Often enquiries become a bit more involved and requires more detailed knowledge on labels their account manager will contact their client direct to get a more detailed picture of the requirements, give technical advice and support direct to your client

CASE STUDY - Packaging & Distribution

Real Life Example 

The packaging company won a large tender including labels that we priced. We provided all the necessary sample rolls for testing which were approved, produced & delivered within the required time frame. The end user was perfectly happy with the labels and production commences running smoothly. 

A week later the end user started using the labels at another branch with a frozen storage environment for which the labels were not originally intended and were unsuitable for that department. 

CASE STUDY - Packaging & Distribution


The customer received a message from the end user as they were extremely happy and very thankful for the way the team (us & our customer working in partnership) dealt with the problem quickly & efficiently. Most importantly they advised that the packaging company would now be given the opportunity to quote for all the other branches’ label & packaging business across the UK. 

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