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CASE STUDY – Print & Design

Print, Design and Stationery Supplier in the Midlands have a customer who supplies flooring products for government contracts. They have been supplying the company, for many years, with NCR pads for despatching their goods and the customer was ready to make some internal changes to their despatch system.  

So the challenge came when the customer was looking for ways to streamline their printing & despatch process to save both time & money. They specified the following requirements: 

  • One A4 sheet that would be sufficient to contain all the labels for the process. These weren’t necessarily all the same size. 
  • Stock was readily available. Their customer didn’t want to hold large stocks neither did they want to run out of stock 
  • Reassurance that the product was suitable for the job. This was of particular importance due to the large volume used. 

Our dedicated Account Manager sat down with our customer to discuss the challenges of the new contract. A plan of action was put together and agreements were set in place so there was no misunderstanding between all parties. This was an important step to ensure the whole process would be simple and easier ongoing. 

To help PFW get a greater understanding of the requirements, our account manager contacted the end user on behalf of our customer. This is a free service we offer to all our customers, to provide the necessary technical support and prevent miscommunication. 

Once sufficient research had been done and we knew what was required for the customer, the following was put in place: 

  • Our design team produced drawings & recommended the most suitable layout. 
  • A ‘Make & Hold’ arrangement between PFW, our customer and the end user. 
  • Samples of the material were sent to the customer for testing on their new machines 

After all was agreed including pricing then arrangements were made for stockholding. 

As a result of all the research and communication the ongoing process is still simple & successful. 

PFW holds the stock and when the goods are ordered they are shipped direct to the end user, under plain cover, for next day delivery. Our customer doesn’t see the labels or hold any stock! And they can have peace of mind that stock won’t run out and consequently there will be no unnecessary delays with printing & despatch.  

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