Using Label Templates

If you’re looking to print your own sheet labels, one of the challenges is ensuring the print is consistently in the right position within the label. At PFW Labels, we want to help make your label printing as easy as possible, so we offer a free pre-configured Word or PDF label template for most of the sheet labels that we supply.

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You will find the relevant label templates on our Web Shop. Once you have found the product for the labels you are printing, you can download the template from the “Downloads” tab below the product description.

Please note that offset labels, which is predominately our Multipurpose Plus range, will need to be fed into the printer to match the layout setup in Word or any other software that you are using.

It is important to run a couple of test sheets before printing the whole job as printer settings often differ. For more advice you can contact our team for technical support.

For best print results see our guide to printing self-adhesive labels.

There are three types of label templates that we have available to download for free which are:

Word Document – For most business users, Word label templates are probably the easiest option for your label printing needs.  The templates let you easily add text and images to the labels. Microsoft Word is a little limited in its recognition of shapes so circular labels may require a bit of trial and error to ensure your content is included within the circular shape of the label.

PDF Template – Our PDF label templates provide a visual representation of the sheet of labels and how this will be printed.  The PDF also includes details and measurements to allow you to manually setup your printer, which is useful if you are using a program other than Word for your label printing.  The PDF templates show the orientation of labels, number of labels on a sheet, exact measurements of the label positions and the label size.

EPS Template – This is a specialist template that is available in an EPS file for use in Adobe Illustrator.  These templates are only available for the d3 SRA3 sheet labels and allow for bespoke drawings and graphics to be created within Adobe Illustrator for printing on these labels.

All of our label templates are designed to be easy to use and to help you to print on a wide range of labels without having to spend hours setting up your printer.