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CASE STUDY – Manufacturing

The business referred to in this case study is a leading manufacturer of Glues & Adhesives, selling glue to multiple leading Adhesive brands.

The company were facing a number of problems with their previous label supply, which consequently was causing major headaches for production and likewise the purchasing team. Some of the pain points that they identified were as follows…

They never knew the cost of the labels…

One of the concerns the purchasing team had when we approached them was, they never knew what price to expect when they ordered the labels? Despite the different combinations of size and quantity they require they still need to know the cost per label.

We sat down with the company to standardise the process so that we could come up with a pricing matrix which was easy for them, the customer, to understand & read. This gave the purchasing team much more confidence and control.

There was often confusion over the number of artwork variations…

This company sell to multiple leading brands, each product is branded & labelled correctly for the customer. With many different product lines, and many different languages (95% of their production is exported to over 25 countries worldwide) and one of the brands alone has over 80 different artworks/labels.

The customer was concerned that there was a system in place so that they could be assured that the correct artwork was used every time. Each order is usually placed just in time for when the labels are required, therefore any printing error would have been very costly in the time that it would have wasted by halting production.

So, to streamline this process artwork codes & references were created to ensure they were aligned between the two companies. This has proven a great success and makes the whole ordering process a lot easier for the manufacturer

There was too much information required to fit on a small bottle…

As most in the industry would know there are lots of regulations for product labels especially when labelling hazardous products such as glues & adhesives. Often there is more information required than there is space on the label. This was the case for this manufacturer as one brand they supplied required the information in 14 different languages.

We were able to offer the customer a booklet label (also known as Peel & Reveal Labels). There are many variations of Multi-Page Booklet Labels, so we worked with the company in providing samples to ensure that the solution was suitable for their application.

CASE STUDY - Manufacturing

At PFW we strive to do the work that the customer would often have do by streamlining processes, creating simple systems, and communicating clearly. The net result is a very happy customer!

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